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QTO Subdomain - NEW JERSEY // NEW JERSEY // : (866)-493-4944 enquiry@quantity-takeoff.com

QTO Subdomain - NEW JERSEY  // NEW JERSEY //
: (866)-493-4944 enquiry@quantity-takeoff.com
QTO Subdomain - NEW JERSEY  // NEW JERSEY //
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Construction Codes in New Jersey

Construction Codes in New JerseyThe New Jersey Department of Community Affairs has a Division of Codes and Standards that informs the public on New Jersey building codes and related construction law. It is mandatory that Individuals and companies comply with the various New Jersey building codes.


The New Jersey Administrative Code, an official publication of the State of New Jersey, includes all effective rules implemented by State agencies and filed with the Office of Administrative Law. The New Jersey Administrative Code is updated on a regular basis in a loose-leaf format organized by State agency content.


The New Jersey statutes, administrative rules include and refer to technical codes. These codes describe different scientific and safety standards for building structures and analyze the specifications for fire safety, construction practices, electrical systems, disaster mitigation, plumbing fixtures, etc.


Builders and contractors should be well informed about important developments and modifications in the codes arena and regulations. Building codes offer minimum standards for safety, health, and general welfare including structural integrity, mechanical integrity including water supply, sanitation, ventilation and light, fire prevention and control, and energy conservation.


One can submit information regarding any of the rule proposals in the New Jersey Register until the date indicated in the proposal. Submissions and any inquires about submission are to be addressed to the agency officer specified for a particular proposal. The department gives a minimum 60 days period for comments regarding rule proposals.


Some rule proposals are adopted without any changes. These rules are noted as "adopted without change." Other rule proposals do contain changes upon adoption. For these rules, to read all the alterations and modifications that have been made to the original rule text, the rule proposal and adoption must be read together. The adoption becomes effectual after the publication in the Register of a notice adoption, unless it is indicated in the adoption notice otherwise. Promulgation in the New Jersey Register starts a new or amended rule as an official part of the New Jersey Administrative Code.


The New Jersey Administrative Code is available at public libraries. New Jersey State regulations, also known as rules, implement the statutes that are the legal basis for operating State programs and services.


The New Jersey legislature passes construction laws, though it can also hand over rulemaking authority to administrative agencies like the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. Generally the Department disseminates New Jersey building codes. New Jersey amends parts of the adopted international or national codes to suit local needs or desires.


The page of Department of Community Affairs "Codes and Regulations" includes the actual code names in the "Adopted Codes and Standards" section that are adopted in New Jersey such as International Building Code, National Electrical Code and various other building codes. Besides, the state of New Jersey also generates rehabilitation subcodes and other state construction law. It is important to be updated with the amendments as the basic code keeps on changing. Hence one should not rely on code book when involved in construction and building projects in New Jersey. The different Residential Site Improvement Standards followed in New Jersey are mentioned below:


  • Construction Code Enforcement
    • NJAC 5:12 Ski Lifts
    • NJAC 5:14A Carnival-Amusement Rides
    • NJAC 5:17 Lead Hazard Evaluation and Abatement Code
    • NJAC 5:18 Liquefied Petroleum Gas
    • NJAC 5:21 Residential Site Improvement Standards
    • NJAC 5:23 Uniform Construction Code
    • NJAC 5:23A Construction Board of Appeals
  • Housing Code Enforcement
    • NJAC 5:10 Maintenance of Hotels and Multiple Dwellings
    • NJAC 5:10A Proprietary Campground Facility Health and Safety Standards
  • Rooming and Boarding House Regulation and Assistance
    • NJAC 5:15 Emergency Shelters for the Homeless
    • NJAC 5:27 Regulations Governing Rooming and Boarding Houses
    • NJAC 5:27A Standards for the Licensure of Residential Health Care Facilities
  • New Home Warranty, Builder Registration and Related Homeowner Protection
    • NJAC 5:13 Limited Dividend and Nonprofit Housing Corporations and Associations and Urban Renewal Entities
    • NJAC 5:19 Continuing Care Retirement Community Rules
    • NJAC 5:20 Title 5/ meetings of Governing Boards of Associations of Condominiums and other Planned Real Estate Developments
    • NJAC 5:24 Condo, Fee Simple, Cooperative Conversion & Mobile Home Retirement
    • NJAC 5:25 Regulations Governing New Home Warranties and Builders' Registration
    • NJAC 5:26 Planned Real Estate Development Full Disclosure Act Regulations
    • NJAC 5:29 Landlord Tenant Relations
  • All Others
    • NJAC 5:7 Urban and Rural Centers Unsafe Buildings Demolition Loan Fund
    • NJAC 5:11 Relocation Assistance and Eviction
    • NJAC 5:28 NJ State Housing Code


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